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1. The Flags of Honour Foundation (FOH)pledge-img

FoH is a non-profit organization dedicated to foster the spirit of patriotism and service to the Nation.The Foundation’s philosophy is shaped by the principle of “Serving Our Nation”. We believe that our Nation’s Armed Forces are the symbol of selfless National service and advocate the very same values in citizens.The Flags of Honour Foundation ensures that the families of the martyrs do not endure alone, and attempts to be the beacon of hope and inspiration for all to join hands in saluting the heroes through their families. We believe that the greatest measure of respect that we can bestow upon the martyrs is by supporting their families and by understanding their needs.As a platform that helps citizens engage and participate in National service initiatives by volunteering, the Flags of Honour Foundations’ programmes involve collective participation to strengthen the Nation. From extending volunteer support during times of need, granting monetary and social aid for families of Martyrs and disabled soldiers to advocating for Armed Forces voting rights and policy reforms, the Flags of Honour Foundation continues to work towards its objectives of service to the Nation.

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2. Ekalavaya School

ILIDDuring the last few years we were in search of an organization where we can get more closely involved and make a deeper impact in our mission to support education of the underprivileged. Last year, we were fortunate when we came across the opportunity to support ILID PROJECT PUPIL and their mission to provide top class education to the weakest economic section in the Ekalavya school in Bangalore. This DD News report offers a good overview of their school and mission

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